Which is God?

We humans in this earth will accept habitual activities without raising any questions. But for something unfamiliar, we raise questions. Several facts emerge when we think more about that.

(For Tamil Version – தமிழ் பதிப்பிற்கு)

This is how we are in the case of God too. While we discern everything, we fail to discern about our creator. Doubts doesn’t arise in the worship that we do follow for generations. We follow it blindly. But when we discern it correctly, we come to know our ignorance and mistakes.

Do we ever know if our worship and worshipping methodology is right? If God created us or is the one we created is God? Which is God? What are the attributes of that God? Let’s see.

If it is God, it should have created world and worldly beings. The one we created can’t be God. (Source: Holy Bible – Genesis 1).

If it is God, it should protect its creation (living beings), operate its creation (Natural powers). The one we create and maintain can’t be God. (Source: Holy Bibile – Psalms 104)

If it is God, it should be one and only one. Can’t be many or multiple. (Source: Holy Bible – Isaiah 45:5,7,12)

If it is God, for all it should be the only God. It can’t be separate for every caste, race and country. (Source: Holy Bible – Isaiah 45:18,22,23)

If it is God, it should be righteous and should go only with righteous; supporting unrighteous can’t be God. (Source: Holy Bible – Isaiah 1:11-20, Zechariah 8:16,17)

God should be Holy. The one with family and relationship can’t be God. (Source: Holy Bible – Leviticus 19:2)

This is the grammar for God. This can be understood from the above chapters from Holy Bible. From this stand point, we know that only Jesus Christ is the God.

How can we know that Holy Bible is true?

Holy Bible reveals the secrets of creation which other scriptures didn’t. Creation of this world by Lord, the power and authority He has in this world and in heaven, early man and genealogy of humans, their days and appropriate kings, their kingdom, historical events are revealed in it. (If these are fictions, it can’t describe genealogy and chronology; we can’t ignore historical events as stories).

Moreover, though Holy Bible is written and compiled by men living in different periods, nothing is contradictory. It is because, Bible is written by godly people through the revelation of God. Examining these, we come to know that Lord created us. Jesus is the Lord. Holy Bible, scriptures of Hindus like rig, yajur, saama, atharvana, upanishads witness that Jesus is the Lord.

From the God creating this world to the upcoming events that is going to happen in this world is clearly portrayed in Holy Bible. Everything that is said are historical events with time. Nothing but truth. For example, the reason for the appearance of Rainbow can be found in Genesis chapters 6,7,8,9. Ongoing events are stated in Matthew chapter 24.

Jesus is mentioned in some sayings of Hindu scriptures which can be understood with evidences. For example, the only way for forgiveness and salvation is shedding of blood says upanishad. Salvation comes only through God says samaveda. In some other scriptures and in upanishad says God should die for the sins of human.

Why should we seek Jesus?

Since Lord created us, we should seek him. To escape from the wickedness of this world, to protect us from all evils, to walk in the righteous way, to live a peaceful life in the unpeaceful world, to escape from hell, to live without the fear of death, to get the eternal life and live with Lord, we should seek Him. Listen, we are created only to reach God.

Why should Jesus born in this world? Why should He die?

As we forgot the God who created us, to reconcile with God, Jesus born in the centre place of the earth. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Jesus died to give us eternal life and to escape us from the eternal death due to our sins. No one resurrected after death. But being the God, Jesus rose from death after three days.

Jesus experienced sufferings, crucification and resurrected on the third day, got victory over this world’s evil. That is why when we believe Him, we get delivered from this world’s evil that he got from the cross. To know how,

  • We receive the redemption for He accepted our sins.
  • We receive the blessings for He accepted our curses. (Only He has the right to forgive our sins and to remove our curses)
  • We receive the healing for He accepted our weakness and sickness in the cross.
  • We receive the happiness and deliverance for He carried our grieves and sorrows.

We get all these only by having faith that Jesus protects us and He is the only salvation.

This is not just a message, but a good news for every human being born in this world to get the freedom and forgiveness from  their sins. This is the way shown by God. We can’t get the freedom by refusing His way and following our own ways. This is the truth. Blessed is the one who believe and accept this fact.

There is no salvation without Jesus!

There is no freedom without Jesus!!

Translated from original tamil document – எது தெய்வம்? by Jemimah

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